This is the algorithm of the night…

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Tell us about something you learned this week.

const = 'Brian'
const = true
const greet = () => console.log(`Hello ${}, you are online!`)
if ( {
// Hello Brian, you are online! && greet()// Hello Brian, you are online!

What are the pros and cons of immutability? How can you achieve immutability in your own code?

What are Divide and Conquer algorithms? Describe how they work. Can you give any common examples of the types of problems where this approach might be used?

How do insertion sort, heap sort, quick sort, and merge sort work? What are the key advantages of insertion sort, quick sort, heap sort and merge sort? Discuss best, average, and worst-case time and memory complexity.

Explain the difference between mutable and immutable objects.

What are the three laws of algorithm recursion? Describe them in your own words and what they mean to you.