Challenges coding and considering SEO

Photo by Diggity Marketing on Unsplash

The most challenging thing to me about learning to code is probably overcoming the challenge of learning new syntax. This was highlighted this week when I started learning more about the backend. Just as I became somewhat comfortable with understanding node and NPM, the new syntax in express threw me for a bit of a loop. It's the same feeling that I got when first learning JavaScript and even HTML and CSS to a certain extent. It's the hurdle that you one must get over to become fluent in a new thing. Once on the other side, you will have grown. It’s the same as learning anything and is in many ways just something to suffer through to learn something new.

One thing that I studied in the past but have not spent much time considering recently is SEO. While teaching guitar lessons out of my house in Denton, Texas, I managed to get my guitar lessons Wordpress website onto the first page of google three times for the search phrase “guitar lessons Denton Texas.” I’ve started working on the SEO for the upcoming iteration of my site, which among other things, will advertise for my guitar lessons business in Austin. Three key things to consider when coding with SEO in mind are:

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